What can you expect here? What is my mission?

About me and my mission

I am currently anonymous (for the time being) for various (mostly personal) reasons. But my anonymity doesn’t take away from how I can help you. And how can I help you? Well, here is my mission statement in just one sentence:

I show you how to reach your dream life.

Yes, my mission is to show you how you can

  • work your way out of a crisis
  • or change your direction in life

with your end destination being the life you always dreamed about.

The life where you can focus on what really matters to you:

  • your relationships,
  • your passions,
  • your health and
  • your long-term wealth.

This sounds like it is too good to be true, but there is a method to my madness which I want to show you.

Let me show you my 3-step process to changing your life for the better:

Step 1 of my mission: Emotional intelligence
and introspection

First, I will show you how to find your true purpose.

For many, this is challenging because society has taught them what to believe about their purpose:

Be it to be a housewife, to live for the weekends or to party often, many people have outsourced their sense
of direction and purpose to peer pressure, their parents and social norms.

And as they age, they find themselves regretting their decisions. They wasted many precious years or
even decades of their life chasing something they didn’t really desire.

My mission is to spare you from this fate of regret, so I will show you how you yourself can find direction from within. The compass to your purpose and happiness is within you.

I want to show you how to read your compass.

Secondly, I will also show you how to analyze your problems and behaviors to reveal how you are unknowingly sabotaging yourself.

Most people have biases, negative thought patterns and bad habits that keep them from finding happiness.

But developing your emotional intelligence and introspection will  make you better at avoiding these
traps and also make you a better friend, partner and spouse.

Step 2 of my mission: Planning and execution

After you have discovered how you can find true happiness and how to overcome what is holding you back in your mind, I will show you how to develop and execute a plan to:

  • change your life in a year or less,
  • begin pursuing your real passions,
  • improve your relationships,
  • replace your bad habits with good ones,
  • create a budget and
  • improve your mood and mindset.

I will show you how to create a strategy for changing your life in as little time as possible.

And how to put it into practice.

Step 3 of my mission: Passive income and wealth

Finally, I will also show you how to create passive income streams and become financially free.
First of all, what is passive income?
Passive income is income which is not tied directly to your time. Unlike your job, where you are paid a wage
depending on your work hours, you can earn passive income without much time and effort required.
This may include:
  • interest rates on a savings account,
  • royalties for a book,
  • stock dividends and
  • automated businesses.

What does this mean for you? After your initial investment of time, effort and capital, your income streams will
continue to earn you money even if you work very little to maintain them.

Which means you can quit your job and pursue your real passions, even if they don’t earn you a living.

You are financially free, meaning you don’t depend on a wage or financial support.

This is one of the biggest topics I am covering on my blog and in my eBooks, courses and guides, and vital to fulfilling my mission.


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