This Simple Trick Will Change Your Life

This simple trick will change your life

I am serious. This simple but powerful trick I am about tell you about is one of those simple ways you can change your life right now.

Whenever you are feeling negative emotions, ask yourself this simple question over and over again:


Let me explain…

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Often, we live with a state of unawareness. We are on autopilot, rather than mindful. We take things for granted. And we don’t question enough.

Chances are you wake up the same way every day. You work on the same things every day. In fact, you even think the same thoughts every day.

And you likely rarely question if you could do something better.

Is your breakfast optimal for you? Could you do something to feel less groggy and energyless? Are you yourself causing your marriage troubles?

To you, everything you do might have become normal. But if you change your perspective and question your decisions, you can change your life for the better!

In fact, if you don’t question them, your life can’t change for the better.

If you don’t keep your perspective fresh, you risk stagnating. You stop learning. And when you stop learning, you continue your mistakes. You continue bad habits, poor decisions and sabotaging your relationships.

Here is where my trick comes in.

Simple trick: big reveals

The best way to explain why asking yourself “why” over and over again is so powerful is by giving you a concrete example.

Imagine you have a term paper coming up. But you keep putting it off.

Ask yourself: why am I putting off my term paper?

Well, in our example, your reason is perfectionism.

You are procrastinating on working on your term paper because you feel like you can’t handle your task and it will not be good enough.

Simple enough, right?

Well, no. Your perfectionism doesn’t stand on its own. Ask yourself: why am I so perfectionistic? Why do I feel like my work won’t be good enough?

Now, in our example, you feel like it won’t be good enough because you feel like you aren’t good enough. You doubt your own effort.

Again, ask yourself “why?”.

Why do you feel like you aren’t good enough? Maybe it’s because your parents were overly critical of you. Perhaps you yourself have been overly critical of yourself. Maybe you made mistakes in your past which you haven’t gotten over. Or perhaps you are even suffering from anxiety or other underlying mental health issues.

On the other hand, you can also this trick to identify what exactly improves your mood or gives you energy.

If, for example, you feel great and energetic after a walk, ask yourself exactly what about taking a walk makes you feel this way.

Is it just the act of moving around and breathing fresh air? Or does it maybe refresh your perspective? Do you feel good about doing something healthy?

This might appear mundane. However, noticing these patterns can help you narrow down what you should focus on to boost your motivation, become happier and feel better about yourself.

There are many reasons for your behavior, your decisions and your emotions.

But if you don’t investigate your own mind, you won’t uncover what is creating your problems, or how to be happier.

Please be wary though to not fall into another trap: rumination, overthinking. Over-analyzing yourself obsessively can similarly cause stagnation. Don’t paralyze yourself. Learn to introspect in moderation.

But please do not neglect introspection!

The “Why” question: A self-analysis trick

Introspection is powerful and important. And simply asking yourself repeatedly why you feel or think a certain way can uncover a deep rabbit hole of underlying issues and difficulties.

Therefore, you should investigate yourself.

Ask yourself “why?” and dig deeper into your own mind.

Keep asking yourself “why?”.

I hope I inspired you to refresh your perspective and ask yourself more questions! Like anything, you can create a healthy habit with just a little effort and consistency!

By the way, I actually employed this method for another post.

A miner keeps digging until they find gems, keep using this simple trick and asking yourself why to find out why you think and feel certain ways

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