What Is Your Reason To Live?

What is your reason to live? Why do you want to live?

It seems like a simple question. But it’s both a crucial and difficult question to answer: what exactly compels you to keep living every day? What is your reason to live?

You have a reason for getting up every morning, eating breakfast, drinking water, earning money and everything else you do to stay alive.

Is staying alive an end in itself?

No, I firmly believe we do not live to survive. I believe we live because we happened to be born and are now conscious beings with our own motivations and goals born from our deepest emotions. Indeed, we never chose to live but we can choose how to live and what to live for.


We yearn to bridge the gap between reality and our dreams

More specifically, we perceive a mismatch between our current reality and the reality we yearn for. A mismatch between reality and our dreams, a bridge we desperately crave to gap.

Our lives revolve around bridging this gap.

Therefore, the reason why you want to live is because you have something to live for. A dream you want to reach. You want to live because you yearn.

Pursuit of happiness

I believe instead of pursuing some generic notion of “happiness”, we should pursue our goals and dreams. We should listen to our heart to guide us. We should replace generic “happiness” with “reaching our dreams”.

After all, we find fulfillment in pursuing our goals and dreams and in achieving them. And those goals and dreams differ from person to person.

Consequently, you should identify what your heart is yearning for. Identify the mismatch you perceive, the bridge you want to gap and where it leads to. Then, you can make a plan to reach your dreams.

Conclusion – Your reason to live

Without a goal in mind, a plan is meaningless and destined to fail. A plan should be fulfilling. Do what fulfills you, and embrace pursuit. Set goals based on your passion and emotions, then use strategy to reach them. And keep setting new goals for every goal reached.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Your Reason To Live?”

  1. Purpose Driven Life. Thy WHYs. For me, like you… I say, WE live for LOVE. ❤️

    Three things to abide: Faith, Hope, and Love. The greatest of all these is LOVE. That’s what the Bible said. ❤️

    1. Hello, thank you for your lovely reply and sorry for my delayed response. I must have overlooked your message. :/

      I absolutely agree! We live for love. ❤️
      I live for love. ❤️ Love gives me a reason to go on, to keep living.

      While I am not basing my conclusion on the Bible, I agree love is fundamental ❤️ and the pinnacle of human emotions. And emotions are the pinnacle of existence. ❤️

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