How YOU Can Learn From MY Bad Example!

How YOU can learn from MY bad example!

First of all, I have to apologize. I recently didn’t write any new blog posts, and I am super sorry and disappointed at myself. Why did it happen? Because of my exam phase! Or rather, my procrastination on my studying! I was being a bad example, and here’s why! And how you can learn from my bad example!

(Also, yes, this post is delayed by a day *sniff*)

Why did it happen?

Because for the 2 months leading up to my exam phase, I focused intensely on my Twitter followers, my blog and a few other projects. I really believed I could handle my exams by studying intensely for a few weeks right beforehand and still be consistent enough about my contributions here and on Twitter during those weeks!

Which was a big error!

I trusted my future self with too many tasks all at once, and I didn’t even realize my mistake! Basically, I suffered from poor teamwork with my future self!

Yes, I was completely wrong. I didn’t even check every now and then to see how much I would have to study! So when my time arrived to study I was faced with far more than I had anticipated! Which meant I had a very intense and exhausting exam phase. I even have to catch up for my internship, it was that bad!

And so, I wasn’t even able to be active here or on Twitter!

How to not be a bad example

How I could have prevented this from happening? What can we learn from this? Well, here is what I was a bad example of: planning (which is what I keep saying is crucial!) and consistency.

Therefore, my lesson is simple!

I should have had a better plan, and I should have put off my studying far less than I did!

With a better plan and more preparation and research, I would have realized I ought to begin studying earlier, but less per day! A better plan would have given me a more consistent schedule and more flexibility!


Well, I will make up for it, trust me! And I learned a valuable lesson (and so did you):

Don’t ever trust your future self with too many tasks at once!

And research your tasks before you plan your schedule!

Otherwise, you might have a situation like mine where you are overwhelmed. And being overwhelmed can quickly escalate. Avoid being overwhelmed. Know your tasks well and strive for consistent productivity over time!

Teamwork with your future self!

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