How To Change Your Life – My Summary For The Last Few Months

How to change your life – My summary for the last few months

Today I want to self-reflect on my recent blog posts and clarify my message on how you can change your life for the better.

I also want to reflect on what brought me here.

And finally, give you a glimpse of our future.

I want to coordinate my blog activity with my blog growth. So I am interspersing my core message with many smaller posts. And I regularly write posts which are about more generic topics (sleep hygiene, passive income etc.)

That’s why my core message and my plan for guiding you through your journey to change your life might sometimes go under. Become difficult to see.

To remedy this, I will find new ways to reiterate my core message, over and over again. I also intend to write a book later on when I feel more confident about myself (and have more time). There might also be some short but free eBooks in the future. So you have quite a bit of content to look forward to!

My personal summary for the last few months

The last few months have been an amazing time for me. Probably the best time in my life so far. Of course, I started my blog. Also, I started some writing and other side projects. And finally, I started my Twitter account – originally meant for promoting my blog – and discovered “Money Twitter”, an amazing community where people help each other earn money online (more on them in future blog posts!)

I also connected to a very special person. <3

My future is a lot brighter than it seemed back then.

In short, my life has changed, and my blog marks the onset of this new beginning. I began setting it up in early April, along with many other changes to my habits, plans and work ethic.

How it began

In March, I hit rock bottom when I didn’t even think it could get any worse. But I had always been intrigued by the concept of Phoenix, a legendary bird who burns themselves in their nest every 1,000 years and is then reborn from their ashes completely rejuvenated.

If you hit rock bottom, you are about to change your life.

Sometimes rock bottom is just the beginning of an amazing journey. This idea alone can save a person from their despair.

Change your life while helping others do the same

For quite some time, I had been desperately wondering how to make money (for many reasons). I figured I had no options. I am a university student who dislikes education. All my job and internship applications failed. I am an overly ambitious dreamer with their head in the clouds. Strategic but not used to having the opportunity to execute my plans. A lifetime of bad habits and upbringing from a neglectful and lonely childhood and youth was weighing me down, and still is to some extent.

I had a lot working against me, and very few resources at my disposal.

Like a chess match where your opponent has more pieces than you, and you made some crucial errors because you were still learning.

I often considered making money with a blog. But I thought I had nothing to write about.

Then I realized… I have something to write about.

Ideas connected in my mind. Something clicked. I found my next move.

My situation and how to get out of it, all while it is happening still, is exactly something to write about!

So I decided to phoenix. And to show you how to do it too. At the same time.

How I can help you change your life

When I began my blog, I already had a plan. A concept. To rely on my strengths: introspection and strategy. I realized many people want to change their life, but most of them don’t know where they really want to go. What their heart really desires. And most people who are in bad situations are struggling with internal challenges, too.

Guides on making money online. Bullet point lists about having better habits. Lists of generic tips for various “areas of life” (ugh!).

All pointless when you lack direction on a grander scale. When you don’t know what makes you happy.

Easy actionable advice, yes. But missing the core of your issues.

Which is why I realized my perspective has value. Because I have a different approach. A approach focused on getting to the deepest core of anything, and being strategic. Having long-range plans and a good understanding of what your goal really means.

My summary for my first blog posts

This is essentially what I meant to express with my first blog post.

From there, I have been aiming to give you an idea of the direction I am taking my guide in: introspection -> strategy -> execution

Defining basic ideas and terms. Giving you an idea of what my approach means. Because what do I mean when say “how to change your life”? I mean overcoming your misconceptions and finding happiness not by trial and error (wasting time!!!) but by analysis and strategy. Introspection.

You can change your whole life in less than a year. I am doing it right now.

In March I was at rock bottom. In April I began working on my plan. Then, in May I had my first breakthroughs. And in June my world changed. Now we are in July and I am taking more changes to enter the next phase.

What is next?

My blog is meant to be evergreen. In 10 years, what I have been writing here will still apply. Value and inspiration will form a pile. My blog can help people indefinitely from now on.

That is part of my plan. Its evergreen-ness is by design.

Another design choice is reiterating my points in new ways over and over again. I like to convey by pattern repetition because I always found it difficult to express some of my ideas.

And finally, I always have the option to write books/eBooks, be they short or long, in-depth or simple. I have many ways to convey my ideas.

So, what does this mean for

It means I am beginning a new era in my blog’s history.

So far, I have been establishing concepts. Now I am aiming for higher quality and more results to show.

Longer blog posts, going more in-depth. More organized posts, including series of posts. More meta-posts. And more actionable advice and concrete suggestions. Collaborations with other bloggers. In short, more value and inspiration!

I am still far away from writing a book, my current focus is making money online and finishing university and sorting out many personal things.

But since I began in early April, my life has changed. I now have an amazing partner, I have a Twitter account with over 1,000 followers, I know how I can create passive income streams, I have developed a better plan for my near future and I am working on so many internal challenges I have been facing for so many years.

Within just over 3 months, my life has changed. Imagining what can WILL happen until December 31st blows my mind already.

If I can do it, so can you. And I will show you how. I want to give you tools and inspiration few others provide.

I want to show you how to change your life in a profound, lasting way. By showing you how to choose your destination and how to plan your travel when usually people show you how to steer your ship.

That is my message. My mission.

Thank you for reading. ^^

2 thoughts on “How To Change Your Life – My Summary For The Last Few Months”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing some of your personal struggles and congratulations on finding a partner that supports you! I think blogging is a great way to help others while helping yourself figure out your purpose along the way. It is exciting to see your blog and Twitter grow! Congrats 🙂

    1. Oh, thank you so so much for your nice comment, Kat. ^^

      Blogging is indeed wonderful and I am so so glad I started HowToPhoenix. The amazing connections I have formed, lessons I have learned and changes I have made, but mostly the amazing connections really made this journey so worthwhile already.

      I can’t believe it’s only been less than 4 months. My life has changed so much!!! 🥺

      Thank you again! So positive. 🙂

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