My Blog Is Dedicated To You


My blog is dedicated to you.

You, who, like me, is struggling. Depression, fears and unemployment are just some of the many difficulties we might face. The worst part about any of them is: they rarely come alone. Chances are if you are reading this blog post, you are faced with many challenges at once. And because you have so many problems, solving any one of them becomes so much harder that it feels like you are about to collapse under the weight. And you might feel like there is no hope for you. Like you are stuck and in a bad place right now.

Maybe you’re not always noticing it. Perhaps you found my blog while roaming the Internet looking for inspiration, maybe even a magical bullet to solve your problems and make you finally happy. But you are stuck nonetheless, even if it isn’t on your mind 24/7. I know how such a situation feels: awful and desperate, like you are drowning. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Hope is on the horizon!

If you are stuck in a bad place, the first thing you should realize is you always have a way out. After all, you are fighting a battle. And any battle can be won with the right strategy.

Any battle can be won with the right strategy.

Anything can be overcome with good strategy

My blog is dedicated to guiding you out of your situation.

If you find yourself suddenly thrown into a battle, what is the first aspect you consider? Is it what you are facing? What you have at your disposal? What your options are? How you could escape?

No. What comes to your mind first is the feeling that you need to survive.
In truth, you don’t just need to survive. You want to survive.

This is an important realization: You want to live.

You want to live.

But… why?

But we are only at the beginning. We need to delve deeper.
WHY do you want to live?
What reasons compel you to make this decision? What motivates you to not just give up and crumble away under the pressure?
Because if you focus only on overcoming difficulties as they appear, you will never escape this cycle. If you want to break free and thrive, you have to gain direction first. Once you realize what drives you deep down, you gain a sense of where you want to go, and your wish to survive turns into a will to thrive.

And with your will to thrive and your newly gained sense of direction, you planted the seed of a strategy. You are now ready to develop a strategy not just to survive, but to survive and thrive beyond your current predicament. What awaits you in the future is not just survival, but happiness, fulfillment and success. All you need for your success is to develop a plan to overcome your current challenges and then put it into motion. This realization alone can kickstart your upwards spiral. Your hope alone can give you the boost of strength you need to make it happen.

Hope is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Finally, you should remind yourself that despite everything you are facing or have faced so far, you are still standing, instead of having crumbled. After all, you have had the strength to make it this far. Therefore you have the strength to turn your dreams into reality even out of a position of hardship.

Hope is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Conclusion: HOPE

Hope is a self-fulfilling prophecy

My blog is dedicated to guiding you through the entire process of turning your life around. From identifying your deepest motivations to analysing your situation to formulating a plan to implementing it. And at the end of the process, you will not only have survived, but you will have learned a lot about yourself and life and you will thrive.

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7 thoughts on “My Blog Is Dedicated To You”

  1. EAM (Oblivionous)

    There’s a lot I could think of but it might be too much and just some “too much questions in mind working” thing right now. And honestly, I feel OK lately, thanks to your constant micro-blogs. I find it peaceful, and I find myself looking forward to it everyday. But, most of all, I do hope the light effect is also the same for the Phoenix/writer.

    1. Oh wow, I’m very glad to hear that! I didn’t expect such a positive reaction, so soon. I will do my best to keep it up! 🙂

      Also yes, I do feel better myself after writing a lot of posts.

  2. Like a Phoenix that symbolizes power, strength, rebirth, and coming of a new season [by all means, hope]. Thank you for creating this blog. This is really helpful in more ways you could think of, and with that, I am more thankful and grateful. 🙂

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