Coping with depression and why it is so difficult

Coping with depression and why it is so difficult

Depression is a diabolic Catch-22. It drains you of your energy, motivation, hope and confidence. It makes it harder for you to deal with it. Dealing with depression is difficult because it puts itself into the way of your recovery from it. Depression feeds itself off of you.

But you are more in control than you realize. Knowing this is the first step to breaking this cycle. Because once you realize there are things you can control, you can start taking small but snowballing steps to recovery. Every bit of your life you can claim back from depression is a little progress to hold unto. And soon enough, your energy and hope will return, at first slowly, then faster and faster.

The first steps are always the hardest (but I have a free guide to help you with them!). But they are also the easiest because:

  • they are quick
  • they are low risk
  • you can start immediately
  • they are small yet powerful, which is in itself powerful (more on that later)

What are these steps and why are they so amazing at beating depression?

Depression is a diabolical cycle, and if you suffer from it, you are prone to neglecting yourself and giving up, which in turn makes your depression stagnate or even get worse.
So, your first steps should involve doing small, low-effort things that involve self-care, maintaining your living space and your relationships.
Some of these steps could be:
  • taking a walk
  • taking a bath
  • reaching out to others to talk
  • getting a pet
  • participating in social activities

All of these are about showing to yourself that:

  1. your health and relationships are worth taking care of
  2. things that feel impossible are actually really easy once you overcome your initial resistance
  3. things aren’t as bad as they seem
  4. you are not unloved

Not only do they prove these points, but they are also simple steps. If taking a walk can help you feel better, imagine how much better you will feel when you tackle something larger?

In essence, you are building a powerful argument against your depression. You are rewiring your brain to be less depressed.

depression and hope

But what comes after?

Taking your first steps to break the cycle is crucial. However, the purpose of your first steps is to give you the boost and anchoring you need to leave depression behind for good.

After you have done a few things to make yourself get unstuck, you have to keep up your momentum.

Here are a few things you should focus on next:

  • reach out to others frequently
  • join a support group (we have actually started a support group on Discord)
  • talk to someone you trust deeply and/or consult a therapist
  • exercise regularly
  • have an accountability partner
  • make and update your plans for the future frequently
  • commit to making progress every day, no matter how small

Yes, these are quite a few things. Fighting depression is hard. It takes time and effort. But it is far from impossible. In fact you are on a good path to finding freedom.

Here are a few more helpful resources for you:

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